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About Me

         Starting traditional art at just 6 years old, I started drawing my favorite video game characters. Those who knew me from a young age know that Sonic the Hedgehog was my choice of character. Drawing the same character over and over I began to want to expand but for the rest of primary school and junior high, I stopped my artistry. Being revived in High school I began to try to draw People, faces to be more specific. I use the word ’Try’ with a literal sense. This was also the year I started researching minor psychology topics pertaining to me and the people around me, topics surrounding addiction, manipulation, depression, and anxiety to name a few. During senior year of Highschool I decided to draw people by request, for free. This became a good way of practice, drawing people I wouldn’t of drawn otherwise. My freshman year of College had revealed just how deep my interest in psychology was, wanting to be able to help those in need mentally, as growing up (with acknowledgement that I am not that special) I was around various kinds of illnesses. This home environment was the basis for my interests but it was only until college it was really a capitalized part of my life. To this day I strive to create a better place for people who are suffering. To end the cycle that most people don’t even know they’re involved in. 

Connecting us through art and expression.

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Albert Hammond Jr.

12 x 18in Watercolor